A Few Firsts for Trinity and the boys

Saturday we had our first outing as a family. Grandma Mary- Moustapha’s mom was celebrating her 65th birthday. Several lifelong friends of hers along with Amira and Leila, threw her a wonderful birthday celebration at Pappasitos. By the end of the party, I was absolutely exhausted. But, I am glad we were there. It was a special day.Until Bakri moves into a booster seat, we will have 3 carseats lined up in the back seat. It is a little crowded. But, it fits. And the boys were so enamored with having Trinity between them. They were used to her carseat being there. We had prepared that for a while before she was born. But, it was amazing to see them both take her hand in the car. They are so in love with her.
Jiddy had to show off his newest granddaughter at the birthday party. Trinity is one of 2 granddaughters on Moustapha’s side. There are six grandsons (3 born this year- Beatrice’s twins and Leila’s son) Trinity is the first granddaughter on Rebekah’s side. There are 4 grandsons.
Trinity is one week old in this photo.

We dressed her up for her first doctor’s visit. She wasn’t happy about it at first!
Trinity’s first bath was lots of fun. Here is a cute photo of her backside. Hope she won’t mind me posting this on the internet!
Here she is very relaxed at the start of her bath. This didn’t last too long!
Here she is feeling a little stressed about her bath…so cute!
After her first bath at home she was very relaxed and happy. I think she is going to grow up loving spa treatments. Don’t we all!?!

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