More Hospital Pics of Trinity Rebekah

Yesterday, we spent the entire day at the hospital waiting to see if Trinity would be released. At 4:50am, they tested her bilirubin levels and they were 2 points above normal range. She really didn’t look yellow to me, which is usually an indication if your child has jaundice. However, since her blood indicated her bilirubin was too high, we had wait and continue testing it throughout the day. Her pediatrician wanted to make sure that the level didn’t continue to rise before releasing her. She was tested at 10am and the level had gone up less than a point.
We were told that she would need to be tested again at 5 pm. So, we waited. I was told that if she needed to be kept overnight, I would be able to stay in my room. At 5pm they took her to test her levels again. So, we waited. In the meantime I was told that my insurance would not cover me to stay with her. Of course, I began to tear up. But, the nurse quickly told me that I would most likely be able to stay in my room, as her guest. I just wouldn’t get medication or be a patient.
So, we began to pray. Pray that her levels would normalize and that we could all come home together. The results came back and her level was basically the same as it was at 10am. The pediatrician released her and told us to come visit him on Thursday. Basically there was nothing to worry about. Praise God. We were so happy to be able to take our little girl home.

These are some photos from the day. We just love our sweet baby Trinity.

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