The Blessing of Trinity

Doesn’t she look peaceful and sweet??? And the truth is, that is exactly what she is. Everyday she is surrounded by the sweetest brothers in the world who are also a little wild and like to run around the house a lot and in the middle of it all she is at peace. And she brings peace to this family. It is amazing really. I know she probably won’t be like this forever, or maybe this will be an inherent part of her makeup- she’ll be one who brings peace. When we thought about naming her, we wanted something with a powerful meaning, something that was beautiful and something that you wouldn’t hear everyday. When we decided on Trinity (basically the first time we ever discussed the name) it was for so many reasons. We loved the meaning- the Holy Trinity- God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. And we loved that it was 3- that she was our 3rd child and her initials would be TRE- also representing 3. In the bible, the number 3 represents perfection. I know my daughter isn’t perfect, obviously. 🙂 But, God created her for a perfect purpose. And it is my hope and sincere commitment to raise her to fulfill that perfect purpose. I know God has given us an amazing gift in all of our children. I am so thankful for them. Here she is sleeping sweetly in her crib.
Having a little tummy time in her room.
On this day, she rolled from her back to her side, to her front. She was 2 weeks old.
She spends her “awake” time very alert and curious about all she sees.
Bakri loves her SO MUCH!

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