Trinity Smiles- one month old! and Sleeps through the night!

Moustapha is getting to spend more time with Trinity now that he is able to use his hand more. Since part of his ring finger was cut off before she was born and he had to have surgery before and after her birth, he hasn’t been as “hands-on” with her…forgive the punn. But, anyway, he is getting to hold her a lot more and has even changed a couple of diapers. It’s not really important to me that he change diapers that much. It’s just that I want him to be willing to change diapers without complaining. That is all that really matters to me…just be willing to help and most of the time I won’t ask or need you to do it.

She is getting so big already. I weighed her while I was standing on a scale a couple of days ago and she weighs somewhere around 12 pounds…she was 8 pounds 10 ounces at birth and just under 10 pounds by a couple of ounces at her 2 week check up. So, she is growing really well and all she is getting is breastmilk. I’ve also been pumping a bit more with her. Not so much in the last couple of days. But, I try to pump once a day, so that I can have a nice supply of milk stored up in the freezer- sorry if that is too much information for any of you. But, it is obviously a very natural thing.

Our sweet baby, Trinity is already sleeping through the night. I know, it seems early. And I did check the boys’ baby books and they didn’t start sleeping 8 hours (which is what I consider sleeping through the night) until they were 8 weeks old. I guess she is happy with her milk and bedtime routine. Or, maybe with the two brothers constantly giving her attention in the day, they just wear her out. Whatever it is, I am not complaining. It is great.

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