A work in progress….

We’ll start this one out with a picture of our sweet baby girl. And I’ll have to keep this blog entry short, for reasons that you’ll see below…. For those of you interested in a house update. Here are some pictures I took today. I have NO time to write more now…we are busily preparing to celebrate Maddux’s 2nd birthday on Saturday. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. You can see what is our hallway/ landing area upstairs and our kitchen. The tile is getting put in as I write this.

This is our backyard today….with a new playground. This was a present from Moustapha’s parents for Bakri’s 3rd birthday. I’m thinking it is for Maddux (and Trinity too.) Maddux is probably going to think this is also his birthday present since he won’t see it until his birthday party.

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