Christmas Day Lunch with the Maddux Family

Our Christmas tree…it is absolutely FULL of ornaments. I joked that we needed another tree for all of our ornaments. But, seriously, its no joke. I am going to be putting up another tree next year! I have so many ornaments, that I think I can put a tree together with a theme…but, you’ll have to wait until next year to see what that will be!Each year my parents give each of us ornaments. I am the one who writes everybody’s names on them. And this year the ornaments are big red trucks. You can see them sitting on the tables.

Our Christmas table.

The food was amazing. My mom cooked everything and brought it over warm. All I had to do was put it in the oven and thanks to my wonderful husband, my 50 year old O’keefe and Merritt stove was up and running for the first time in almost a year. Moustapha took it apart to restore it. It is looking really great! And it works! That is the most important part.

The kids (James, Bakri and Maddux) sat at this table. Bakri had already enjoyed some sausage balls and water, so that is why one of the plates looks dirty….because it is!
Our fireplace included 8 stockings this year. One for each of us…and 1 for each of the kids “first Christmas” stockings.

We put the kids table in the entry way. The hope was that blocking one of the “tracks” in the house that the kids like to run on, we would decrease the amount of running. For some reasons when cousins get together, they begin running and they seem to never stop. And in our house they can run a big circle around the first floor. It is so loud and a little frustrating for the adults in the house. This table in the entry way did help a little, but it certainly did not stop the running game completely.

Christian joined us at the adult table. He’s 18 months old. So, he’s not quite ready to join the big boys. Next year, though, he’ll definitely be part of the running crew at the kid table!

More views of dinner. Here is grandmother enjoying her great cooking and Moustapha also enjoying.

After we opened presents, we had our annual Birthday party for Jesus. The boys look forward to this very special tradition.

Grandmother and Grandfather gave each of the younger boys wheel barrows and yard tools and they gave the older boys Krazy Kars. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the Krazy Kars in action yet, but you can see below all the yard work that was taking place on Christmas day!

Trinity had some special time opening presents, ornaments and a few Christmas cards. My parents also stayed to watch her reactions. She got a beautiful new abc blanket with her name and birthday on it and some precious ornaments. She was very happy!

Here I am showing her a new dress. She loves bows and flowers!

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