Maddux’s Birthday Party

Our two year old boy, Maddux. He is such a precious kid. He has a big personality and knows what he wants. And knows how to ask for it. He also knows how to throw out of control fits for what seems to be no logical reason. And then he knows how to melt your heart with a kiss or an “I love you so much, Mommy.” We love him so much! And are so happy that he is our boy!

What a great day! We celebrated Maddux’s 2nd birthday at our House on Saturday. It was a really fun time. It was also the first time for the kids to be at home in 2 1/2 weeks. We were out of the house the entire time our kitchen and other rooms were being painted. The painters did an amazing job painting, but unfortunately, didn’t seal off the rooms that did not need paint. So, we ended up with paint dust from the paint spray in every room in our house. It was a nightmare cleaning it all. And we literally had the backsplash tile being put in at midnight the night before the party. But, we made it and it was a success. Not exactly the cleanest house anyone has probably ever been in. But, for what we were dealing with, it was good enough! Maddux was just thrilled to be home and to play on the new playground in the backyard. It took some big time convincing to get him to come inside for singing and cake. But, luckily, he decided to. Jiddy and Maddux celebrating Maddux’s birthday.

Grandma with Maddux at his birthday party.

Maddux with (from left to right) his cousin James, brother Bakri, cousin Athena, and Birthday Elmo.

M-A-D-D-U-X wooden letters and number 2s. Terrific 2 was the theme of the party!

Bakri and Maddux enjoying the picnic table on their new playground.

Our kitchen (almost) finished before the party. We didn’t discover until just before the party that our stove, which we are refurbishing, didn’t fit in the space. Luckily, the marble guy was able to come today and “shave” off enough of the countertop for it to fit. It turns out it was his mistake, so we didn’t have to pay to have him fix it and now our stove fits!

Here is the subway tile that was finished at midnight before the party. Moustapha designed and installed the stainless steel countertops himself. He used a local company to wrap the substraights. (I’m not sure if I am spelling that right.) Anyway, he did an amazing job with the stainless steel countertops! Way to go, Moustapha!Here is another picture. This one shows that the vent hood is not yet finished. Moustapha is having the same steel place wrap the hood in stainless. That should be finished before Christmas. I know it will look really nice.

This video is kind of long. It starts with us singing happy birthday to Maddux. Definitely watch that part. But, don’t worry about watching the whole thing, unless you want to! 🙂 Also, if you listen to the singing closely, you’ll be able to hear Aunt Melinda singing quite loudly. Notice, she is not singing to Maddux, but she is singing to MARSHA! Hope you like that one, Marsha! We never forget you! LOL!

Take care everybody and Merry Christmas!
Bekah and family

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  1. OH I LOVE MELINDA! She is the cutest! Tell her that she wasn\’t the only one that was confused…I keep talking to you about how it was Bakri\’s birthday. OOPS! Give Melinda a big smooch for me and tell her that I want to see her over the holidays! As usual, she makes me smile!

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