More pictures of the kids and house

Yesterday, I put Trinity in this outfit that our friend Nell sent her. It is the cutest little outfit that came with a headband and bow. I just assumed that she wouldn’t like having something wrapped around her head. Boy was I wrong!? As soon as I put it on her she began smiling and laughing. She was so happy! My girl loves ribbons and bows, I guess. And I have to say that she did look so very adorable with a bow on her head. So, bring on the headbands and bows! Trinity loves them!

A view as you look toward the dining room from kitchen. My cousins Jennifer and Brandon gave us this adorable “El-Hakam” plate when we got married. We love it and are really excited to have such a great place to display it.

Here are the boys in their room before naptime this afternoon. This is Bakri’s bed. Maddux still sleeps in a crib. So far, he is happy with that. So, we’re not messing with a good thing. As soon as he is ready, he’ll move to the trundle- which will be part of Bakri’s bed. And can be pulled out and then pushed back when they get up in the morning. Since their room as 4 big windows, that is really the only option. We don’t want to put a child’s bed next to a window.

Our happy little girl, Trinity.

Here is another picture of Bakri and Maddux’s room. We just got shutters for their windows. They are called cafe shutters and look really cute. We needed to have something to protect them. And this seems to work really well and looks great in their room.

I painted letters to look like baseball stitches. This is Maddux’s name on the wall.

And here is Bakri’s. I also painted 2 canvases of baseball jerseys with their names on them for their first birthday’s. I’m still thinking about what I can paint for Trinity on her first birthday. It probably won’t be a baseball jersey, but you never know! I welcome any and all suggestions!

2 thoughts on “More pictures of the kids and house

  1. I must admit that I am a little jealous of the bow that Trinity is wearing! Do you think Harrison would look cute in one? Girls clothes are just too cute! Trinity is beautiful….

  2. Shutters come in many different forms including Cafe style shutters (which cover the lower half of the window), tier-on-tier shutters (two separate layer of shutters), full height (covering the whole window), and shaped shutters (to fit difficult, or unusual windows).

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