PoeCo Christmas Party

Bakri attends PoeCo- which is a Parent Cooperative Nursery School based at Poe Elementary. Poe Elementary is our neighborhood Elementary School located just around the corner from our house. On Friday before Christmas, PoeCo had their Holiday party and they also went caroling in the neighborhood.

Maddux enjoyed rocking the boat!

Bakri loves to play on the playground at PoeCo.

The day included lots of yummy holiday food, singing and playing on the playground. The kids walked through the neighborhood and sang carols for some of the neighbors. (The houses we went to knew we were coming!) But, it was fun for the kids. Bakri’s favorite song of the 5 they sang is Jingle Bells. In the video below he is singing with his classmates and he continues to sing when everyone stops the song early.

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