We made it to Maui!

Yesterday we flew to Maui to celebrate our fifth anniversary. After 15 hours of traveling, we finally arrived to our rental house in Paia. WE LOVE IT!

Bakri and Maddux sat next to Moustapha on the first flight to Honolulu. And Grandmother (my momma) and I sat together and took turns holding Trinity. She was an angel all day and such an easy traveler. The boys were great too. It was a little challenging waiting for the second flight from Honolulu to Maui. But, other than that, they were great.

We started today with an amazing breakfast. What a treat!
We got ready for the beach. Here are the kids in the living room of our rental house.Mama’s beach is our beach next to the rental house. It is literally a 2 minute walk. And it is a beautiful beach with wading pools for the kids to play in. Trinity fell asleep and Grandmother spent most of the beach time with her.
She was asleep on the way to the beach in the baby bjorn and as soon as we got there she woke up and was ready to play. She knew she was in a new place.
Here is the beach by our house. This is a view of the wading pool. It’s a perfect place for kids.

Trinity fell asleep after playing on the beach.
Moustapha took both of the boys out in the water where it was a little deeper. They loved it!

My shadow on the beach.
Here I am with little miss Trinity just before we left the house for the beach.

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