Happy Valentines Day

My parents, or really my mother, rather (although my dad is fully supportive) make that extra effort to make holidays and birthdays really special. My Nannie (mom’s mom) was like that in some ways. She never forgot to send us cards and gum for every occasion. Her gum choice was juicy fruit. I still have some that I never chewed that are in old cards from holidays’ past. Now, my parents carry on the tradition with my children. They always send them cards and special gifts for holidays. My mom picks out the cutest clothes too that go with the occasion. Last night we opened our Valentines as a family. Here is Bakri holding up his “King of Hearts” t-shirt. Maddux got one too!

Little Miss Trinity is getting so BIG and so fun! She is such a little giggly girl. She loves to laugh. This week she had her 4 month check up and vaccinations. She was technically 4 1/2 months at the time. And she is off the charts! We knew she was big, but it is now confirmed. She is in the 100 percentile across the board….at least she is in proportion!!! Remember how happy she is with bows on her head, well it turns out she loves hats too. She is going to be the fashionista of the family.

The grandparent valentines included some new books. Here we are reading the new books for the first time.

Did I mention we saw Elmo last weekend? T and I just returned from a women’s retreat with First Pres where I was leading the worship- amazing weekend by the way and Grandmother even came along and blessed many ladies with her presence. Anyway, Sesame Street Live came to Houston and we went. The boys and Trinity really enjoyed it. I thought it was a little on the long side. But, who asked me? 🙂

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