My angels

So, as you probably gathered from my last post, me and the three Els have been staying away from home while our house work is being completed. Moustapha is still there and keeping an eye on things.

But, while we are away, the most amazing thing has been happening. All three Els are sleeping in the same room. Trinity- 21 months, is in the crib. Maddux- 3 1/2, is on a blowup bed on the floor. And, Bakri- 5, is sleeping on a twin bed. It’s not just the miracle of them sleeping together. Bakri and Maddux share a room, so they sleep together every night. But, adding Trinity to the mix and it being successful was a pleasant surprise to me.

Here’s are routine for the last 4 nights:

The kids eat dinner. The kids get a treat of watching a movie. The kids go to their room. We do all of our bathroom stuff and then everyone lays down in their beds and I turn out the lights. I sit in a rocking chair and tell them a quick story. Then I sing a lullaby to them and they each sing one to me….Maddux first, then Bakri, then Trinity. We pray and then I give them each a hug and a kiss and they say “goodnight, mommy” as I walk out the door………And……..that’s it.

After that, I don’t hear a peep from them. I am so blessed. Last night I actually slept all night long without any interruptions and didn’t wake until morning.

As for Baby El4….we’re still moving along. No activity yet. Tomorrow I will be 39 weeks pregnant. Yippee! Shouldn’t be more than 2 weeks before our baby arrives. I can’t wait.

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