Happy Fall, Y’all!

The Els have had a very busy Fall. It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through November already! We’ve been busy with school, tee-ball, piano lessons, church, family time and Fall parties. Here are some photos of our fun!
2 yr old- Trinity spidergirl
 3 1/2 months- Baby Leeland Elvis
almost Four yr old- Batmaddux
5 1/2 yr old- Bakri, the friendly ghost

 Baseball with Grandfather

The itsy bitsy spider

Coach Daddy says “way to go, Maddux!”

pumpkin carving

pixie stix!

School carnival…here come the Els

Kindergarten Hat Parade!
 wearing her brother’s prince ali hat
Maddux’s school parade

Trinity loves her cousin, Anthony

 Trick or treating
 more trick or treating

 happy trinity
Trunk or Treat!

Bakri’s scary pumpkin…his design!
Saturday morning brunch!

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