Christmas Day, dinner and presents

Christmas day turned out to be a very wonderful day. I’m being honest here, it was not perfect. The children had their usual struggles with sharing, we had difficulty, at times, keeping on schedule when there wasn’t one to follow, and listening, as always, was an issue.

But, in between all of the craziness, there were moments of perfection. Moments when we felt the presence of Jesus with us. And, moments when we were reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

In our memories, this Christmas will be perfect. Because, it was. It truly was.

We spent Christmas evening with my husband’s side of the family. The els loved being with their cousins. We had dinner, the kids played and watched a Christmas movie and then we opened presents. We draw names. So, we each gave a gift and received a gift. Between 8 adults and 9 children, this was surprisingly calm. Then, my husband’s parents spoiled us all with more presents.

By the end of the night, we were exhausted and delighted from Christmas Day.
Merry Christmas to all!

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