Cinnamon rolls and holiday love for neighbors

For the past few years, the kids and I have made dessert for some of our neighbors and delivered the packages at Christmastime.  We do this for several reasons. One, I’m the Momma and I like to bake. Two, as a family, we want to reach out to our neighbors and let them know they are important to us. And finally, because we want to show the love God has given us to others, especially at Christmas.

One year we bought boxes to put the treats in, tying them up with a pretty Christmas ribbon.

Some of our neighbors leave for the holidays or had parties before Christmas. Our early Christmas deliveries were homemade cupcakes this year. We bought cupcake carriers made of cardboard and tied them with a Christmas bow. The friends we delivered to earlier in the season really missed out. Sorry, guys!

Then, the week of Christmas, I saw the pioneer Woman Christmas special on the food network. She demonstrated how to make homemade cinnamon rolls. They looked delicious and like the perfect gift to make. I was hooked. These would be our second group of Christmas treats for neighbors.

So, I set off to buy the necessities.

I followed the directions here, with a few exceptions:

I used rectangle pans. I bought 30 for 6 dollars at Sam’s. Much cheaper than the round ones at the grocery store.

Because I didn’t use the round pans, I removed the finished rolls and placed them in saran wrap

“Noel” material from Hobby Lobby, tied up with a Christmas bow!

Somebody loves cinnamon rolls!

A tag on the ribbon to complete the gift!

The finished product. Ready for delivery!

The kids enjoyed helping me deliver the goodies. Because of the ribbon we used, they easily attached to the front doors of our neighbors houses, making it easy for us to leave them there and not have them sitting on the porch. The reviews are in and apparently most people loved them. We’re glad about that! Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful holiday.

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