Funding Campaign Update for my FIRST EVER Album!







That’s my current total. 17% of the total needed to fund the album. Yes, I have 28 days to raise an additional $20,000. Whoa! Let’s do this. 
So, what do we need?
 1. Prayer. Ok. We are praying. We’re asking you to pray and you are praying with us. Thank you.
2. God’s direction. We have that. He has directed us every step of the way, now bringing folks to mind that we need to tell about the project. Prayers that He will continue to clearly direct us.
3. Support. We need you. Every single person that we know, to share my kickstarter page with every single person you know. This is going to be amazing. It is going to be inspiring. It is going to be touching, beautiful, heartfelt music, but it WILL NOT HAPPEN without YOU! 
So, please. Log on today.
4. Pledge TODAY. Please! And, share. Share with everyone. Share often. They will thank you for it when the music arrives. 🙂
God bless you.

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