EL SUMMER – WEEK 3 of 12

Guest blogpost written by 5 year old El

“The theme of the week was music.
And, at Rockin Robin we saw a lot of guitars, more guitars than I ever saw. 

And, today we went to Rice University in the music library. We played rock-paper-scissors with Grandmother and I made it on the 9th level. We saw lots of books, more than we have at our house and more than we ever saw. We listened to stories with music. We heard Peter and the Wolf. I heard the wolf music. I was scared. 

We went to Pot Belly for lunch. 

We went to the violin shop. I saw violins, more violins than I ever saw.

I had more fun than I ever had.”

by: Maddux. age 5.

A note from El Momma:

Many thanks to Maddux for sharing his view of the happenings this week. We enjoyed exploring musical instruments and music. I found some suggestions of what to do this week at  http://music.rice.edu/ycd/res006.shtml 

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