So, it’s Back to School week with the Els! Summer is coming to a close and we’re busy this week doing things that we meant to do all Summer and preparing for next week. It’s going to be a quite a change for all of us. Daily routines. Getting up early. Going to bed early. Momma packing tons of lunches. (not my favorite part) Homework. Dance class. Swimming class. Piano lessons. Preschool. Pre-K3. Kindergarten. Second grade. Oh my!

And, meanwhile, I have a ton of preparations to get ready for my cd to release on iTunes and beyond on September 18th. And, a CD release concert on the 15th. And, I’m still talking about pre-orders. Why? Because, pre-orders are really important in this process. Everything that is pre-ordered gets reported on release date. And, if an independent artist, like myself, can sell enough pre-orders, it’s possible to chart, even regionally. And, if an artist charts, the artist will be heard by more people and that is the point of the music. So, if you would like to order the album, please consider pre-ordering. It helps!

Album options
CD + Digital Download $20.00 USD Digital Download Only $10.00 USD

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy end of Summer and a great start to the school year.

lots of love,

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