10 years

It’s been ten years since we said “I do” and made a covenant with God and each other to be husband and wife. Does that sound serious? Well, it is.

And, it is so much better and complicated than I ever imagined. We prepared. We took classes. Pre-marriage bible studies. I would do all of that again. Because, I believe it’s helped us to be better communicators and have a better marriage.

But, I think what has helped the most is our joint commitment to each other and to God. We make so many decisions based on how we believe God is leading us. We challenge each other and we don’t always agree. However, when it comes to the big issues we are passionate about: being the church, ending slavery, injustices in the world, contributing to our neighborhood’s well being, family… We’re on the same page. We want to raise great citizens of this great planet and be great citizens in the process.

I love being married to this man. Making music with him has been such a gift to our marriage.

I love you, Moustapha. I pray we have many more decades together to learn and grow! Happy 10 year Anniversary!


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