Oh Happy Day! Our biggest chalkpaint project yet! Princess bed!

Two weeks ago, I picked up my childhood bed from my parents home and brought it to my house. 
I began working on it that day
Here’s Just a little bit about the process I used to refinish the bed:
First, I cleaned the bedframe, headboard and footboard with soap and water scrubbing lightly with a sponge. 
I made sure the bed was dry and then I painted a first coat of old white chalk paint. 
The next day I painted a second coat of old white chalk paint. With each additional application I would lightly spray small spritzes of water before painting the second coat. 
It helps the chalk paint to last longer and go further. 
Once the old white was dry and I was happy with the number of coats, I painted the pink details in Antoinnette chalk paint. For some reason I found the pink to be a lot thinner than the white, but when I would leave the cans sitting out for a little while it would thicken up. Painting the pink details took several days with a couple of coats (spritzing water in between.)
Once it was all dry, it was time to sand. I just rub sandpaper everywhere I want to have a little distressed look. 
Then,I took a soft brush vacuum and vacuumed the entire frame before waxing. 
I waxed with a clear wax first. To wax, you apply a thick amount of wax with a brush and rub it in/off with cheese cloth or an old Tshirt material. I personally work faster and prefer the Tshirt.  I waxed the entire bed in clear wax before using any of the dark wax. 
I mixed the clear wax with a touch of the dark wax and it worked really well. I would blot it on and wipe as much away as I wanted. I love how it darkened the pink just enough. It’s perfect. 

El Momma is so happy! And, Trinity is too. For now, the mattress is sitting directly on slats, but we are going to get a box spring mattress to raise it up.
So, what do you think? Have you tried Annie Sloan Chalkpaint? I’m in love.
El Momma 

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