Goodbye, Spring. Hello, Summer!

It’s official

Summer is here and Spring 2016 has come to a close. We did so much this Spring, I didn’t take the time to write about it. So, I’ll quickly recap the crazy:
-Bakri and Maddux played on the same team in their Little League Minor division and won 1st place in the regular season and 2nd in the playoffs. (that’s double trophies!) 
-Leeland played coach pitch baseball and Moustapha proudly managed his team.
-Bakri kept up his streak of winning 1st place in all of the school district UIL competition for Music Memory. In fifth grade that means they just play a sample of the song and he has to provide the title, the author and the major work with no word bank and no misspelling. He’s a music memory rock star!
-Maddux, Trinity and Leeland all continued in public speaking events in UIL getting better each time. Public Speaking is so subjective, but I think that helps our kids learn that you can’t win everything. And, sometimes things aren’t fair. 
Trinity continued with dance lessons in ballet and tap. 
-Bakri completed 5th grade, Maddux 3rd, Trinity 1st and Leeland completed kindergarten. 
-Summer is a much anticipated break from the crazy. We have swim team, vacation bible schools, power camp and vacation planned. Can’t wait! 

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