Happy 9th Birthday to our daughter Trinity Rebekah!

On the day she was born, so many of my childhood dreams came true.

I always wanted boys and girls. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to name a son Maddux. And, I knew I wanted a daughter, so I could hopefully have a wonderful relationship with her, like the one I had and have with my own mother.
Trinity is wonderful. She’s amazing. She’s so much more than I ever imagined or dreamed and she’s only nine. I’m shy. Introverted. She’s not. She never meets a stranger and asks really great questions. She pays attention. She’s kind.  She gives the best hugs. And, she’s got her own style. She’s an artist. She loves to sketch clothes. She loves to dance (although she isn’t interested in organized dance classes at the moment). She loves to act and sing and perform and loves gymnastics. 
Trinity Rebekah, you are a beautiful soul. Let your light always shine, baby girl ! Happy 9th birthday!

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