She’s a Brick House….

We really did and do love our house. When we bought it we saw so much potential and a few reddish colored flags. But, we moved forward. And still believe this was the best decision, ultimately for our family. For whatever reason, and there are a lot of them, we have been doing all the things that we’ve wanted to do to update our home and make it better. Some of those things are more glamorous than others and some are just necessary and unfortunately- costly. But, you gotta do what you gotta do.
Yesterday, a mason and his team began removing brick from the front of our house. It had begun to come loose from the brick ties and needs to be removed and replaced with more and better brick ties. We are going with commercial grade- whatever that means?! All I know is I am told the brick will never do this again and it is going to look so much better and be so much safer. We can actually play in the front yard when all of this is complete. Once the brick is finished, we are getting a gate that will attach to the side of the house. Bakri can now get out the back door. Which is a little bit terrifying. I will feel much better when there is a gate keeping him from getting to the street.


Our countertop finally arrived on Friday (four days after our expected day.) We finally had a break from the rain and the marble fabricator was able to come over with his crew of FIVE people! This picture shows them thinking about how they are going to lift that thing into place. B.C.- the fabricator, said the marble piece weighs somewhere between 600 and 700 pounds! No wonder they didn’t want to bring it over in the rain…

After some bigtime lifting and cutting and sawing, they managed to make it fit! It’s in! Yeah!!!!

The plumber came over on Saturday and installed the faucet and insinkerator (disposal.) We our amazed to have running water in our kitchen again. We never had a garbage disposal, so this is very exciting and we never had water or a working icemaker in our refrigerator. And now we have both!

Here is our island with a working sink and faucet. I am looking forward to washing lots of dishes!!!!

Thank you for all of your prayers that this would be completed before baby sister’s arrival. There are only a few more things to do now before we can have everything finished and painted.
Keep praying that it will get done in time.

My first Haircut by Maddux El-Hakam

Well, my mommy finally gave in and decided to take me to get a haircut. I am 20 months old, so it was about time. Not that I am complaining. I really liked my long curly hair. But, I was getting a little tired of the “would she like some apple juice?” or “she is so beautiful” comments. I am cute, yes. I will even tell you how cute I am. But, I am a boy boy. I am into everything. I like to throw things and stomp around the house. I love to take off my shoes and occassionally I will throw myself on the floor banging my head if I don’t get my way. I am definitely a BOY!

I enjoyed my first haircut and even got a lollipop. How do I look???


So, we are up and going this morning and headed to Deer Park…Deer Park? you may ask, where is Deer Park? Well, I just looked that up and it seems that it is about 20 minutes from my house. So, it’s not that far, but not really somewhere I want to go!
Bakri is starting preschool at PoeCo– 2 blocks away from our house, in 2 1/2 weeks. To prepare for this, Moustapha and I both have to have extensive background checks and have to go to this place called “Drug Screens Etc.” to get fingerprinted this morning. 🙂
We also have a home visit scheduled with Bakri’s teachers next Friday. That was the latest possible time I could schedule. I’ve basically given everyone I know that date as the absolute date that everything must be finished in my house. So, I am demanding…errrrr….requesting that I have a kitchen and working bathroom downstairs by that day.
It’s one thing to be living in a house with no kitchen and no running water downstairs. I know it could be a lot worse and I am very blessed. I just can’t stand the look on people’s faces when they come in and see how we are living. It’s depressing. I’ve had really sweet people bring us meals or a new contractor come and give us a price on work and I just see the shock on their faces that I am for one- 9 months pregnant and dealing with this and two- that my two boys are running around in the middle of it all. Truthfully, the boys seem to be doing great. They are a lot more flexible than we are. And, once the kitchen floors were finished and that area was no longer off-limits, they’ve been so much happier. In their little lives with controlled freedom comes happiness.
Wish me luck on my background check…. and pray the contractor shows up today. If he works all week, we will surely meet our next Friday goal. I’ll post pics if there is ANY progress today.

Eduoard, where are you???

We woke up this morning to discover that Eduoard had made landfall…in Louisiana. When we went to bed last night Tropical Storm, Eduoard was supposed to hit straight at Galveston and hit Houston hard. Well, it looks like the weathermen (I’ve only seen men reporting on this…where are the weatherwomen???) got it wrong…again.

Who really can predict the weather? We know who controls the weather. We know who can calm the storm and settle the sea. But, who can really predict it? It’s pretty unpredictable, clearly. It confirms to me our dependence on God. There is so much uncertainty in life. God is our only Rock in a world of unpredictable weather.

Mr. Bakri and I are going to head to swim lessons in a few minutes. Supposedly its going to be raining a lot today, but they are still planning on having lessons. I’m not sure exactly why, but Bakri is determined there will be no backfloating for him. Who knew that 3 was such a strong-willed age!? And he is so funny- literally coaching himself before swim class “I’m going to float on my back by myself. I will not get scared…” We will see….

Have a great day…and stay dry if you are in a storm!

The Baby’s Room and Guest Room

Moustapha finished work on Maddux’s room shortly after Maddux was born. The room that is now Maddux’s room will soon belong to our daughter. It also operates as our guest room. So, I thought I would share pics of our inspiration room along with pics of the finished product.

We are going to leave the room as it is for our baby girl. My dear friend Jen’s mom- Karen- made Maddux’s bumper and now she is making a bumper for baby Girl. Along with a few other things to add some pink to the room. But, other than that, the room will basically look the same.

Here is the pottery barn room we used as our inspiration….

And here is our baby’s room…..

Didn’t Moustapha do an amazing job? I absolutely love it and know that our Baby Girl will be very happy in this beautiful room. Thank you, Moustapha!!!

Tomorrow is my birthday

So, tomorrow is my birthday and because of the condition of my house, my current condition (being preggers) and the fact that we have 2 small children, we don’t have any plans. I’m not saying that because it is sad. Although, it is a little sad. But, more because I’ve always been one to make a big deal out of birthdays. I was taught that birthdays were important by my parents and I’ve kept the same tradition going with our own children. I’m not talking about big extravagant parties or huge presents, but just creating a day that is special and memorable.

So, it’s my birthday tomorrow and I guess I’ll let Moustapha figure out what it is we’re going to do. My boys definitely want to celebrate…and so do I. It’s just a little more complicated than last year’s 30th birthday bash. And I am so darn tired and tired of my house being in the condition its in. I normally love to eat out, but after being without a kitchen for 6 months, I am kind of over the whole eating out thing. 🙂

Well, I may not keep up the pace of 2 blogs in a day, but I’ll try!

My first "official" blog

Well, I guess it is about time I get caught up with the rest of the world and start blogging.
Things have been so crazy here lately. Our kitchen was flooded by a leaky old galvanized steel pipe back in January and we have been without a kitchen or running water downstairs ever since. We ended up tearing out our old kitchen and replacing all of the pipes in our house with copper plumbing.
We hired a contractor who has been M.I.A. for the last 2 1/2 months.

These are some “before” pictures of the kitchen.

Here are some “in the middle of remodel” pictures of our kitchen. It is coming together. We actually had people show up to work today- a miracle in itself! If someone would just show up everyday, we could be done with everything in a week and a half.

And to top it all off, we are expecting our 3rd baby very soon. I am 8 months pregnant with a baby girl and not very happy about living in a house without a kitchen. But, I have confidence that everything will be finished before the baby comes!….pray that is so!