El Spring Break 2010- Let’s put these kids to work!

So, we didn’t really put the Els to work for Spring Break. But, since I had the three of them at home with me the entire week with no breaks, we tried to stay busy. Here is a sampling of what we were up to:
We planted blueberries and blackberries and helped prepare an area where daddy added lots of brick pavers.
Notice how Trinity is really getting into this!
On the last day of Spring Break we ventured out. This was our ride on the ferris wheel at the Downtown Aquarium.
We also had a visit to the zoo on the last day of Spring Break. What an adventure. We usually go when it is mellow during the week. Yikes. Remind me not to go over Spring Break next year. It’s a ZOO!
The boys on the ferris wheel.
Bakri in front of the elephant exhibit.
Bakri waiting to board the train.
Giving me that smile!
The ferris wheel up close.
The grizzly bear.
Miss Trinity on the train.
A sleeping lion.
Maddux waiting to board the train.
Somebody likes to make silly faces.
More fun at home!
We enjoyed spending the week together and especially enjoyed the huge improvement in the weather. It has made all the difference to be able to spend more time outside at least before it gets too hot. Happy Spring everyone!