Pictures of the House being Painted

So, the house (interior) is FINALLY getting painted this week. The kitchen as been primed-

Click on the link to see what it looked like before being primed and after….

It is my understanding that they will sand the cabinets and paint the first coat tomorrow. But, I’m not really sure about that. I know they will be working. But, painting cabinets is a serious job.

They started prepwork on Wednesday and worked everyday until today (Sunday.)

I am with the kiddos out of the house until the work is done and the smell is gone. I was hoping we would be home for thanksgiving, but it turns out that was just wishful thinking.

But, we should be home within a week….I am really looking forward to it!

She’s a Brick House….

We really did and do love our house. When we bought it we saw so much potential and a few reddish colored flags. But, we moved forward. And still believe this was the best decision, ultimately for our family. For whatever reason, and there are a lot of them, we have been doing all the things that we’ve wanted to do to update our home and make it better. Some of those things are more glamorous than others and some are just necessary and unfortunately- costly. But, you gotta do what you gotta do.
Yesterday, a mason and his team began removing brick from the front of our house. It had begun to come loose from the brick ties and needs to be removed and replaced with more and better brick ties. We are going with commercial grade- whatever that means?! All I know is I am told the brick will never do this again and it is going to look so much better and be so much safer. We can actually play in the front yard when all of this is complete. Once the brick is finished, we are getting a gate that will attach to the side of the house. Bakri can now get out the back door. Which is a little bit terrifying. I will feel much better when there is a gate keeping him from getting to the street.