Butterfly Garden and Bug Party- a great idea!

We went to one of the best AND most age appropriate birthday parties for one of Bakri’s friends a couple of weeks ago. She turned four and had a bug themed birthday party in her back yard. If you are ever throwing a birthday party for a four year old and need an idea, this is a great one! Trinity in her flower headband given to her by the birthday girl and her mom.

The kids were hunting for bugs in this photo. The parents went to a local nursery and bought bags of ladybugs for the party. They are supposed to be great for your yard. And they released them for the kids to catch. Look at all of the kids actively engaged in this activity. It was so cool!

Ooh!!! I think I got one!

The boys on their way to the party.

The birthday girl and her ladybug cake. So cute! And yummy!

We were given nets, bug houses, lady bugs, bags, etc. and the girls were given butterfly wings. One of the other party favors we received were seeds to plant a butterfly garden- which I think is just basically a wildflower garden. We started with our cups, some soil and the seeds and left them in the kitchen window to grow. The boys were amazed by this and just how quickly they grew. Even I was amazed. It was really neat. So, today we planted them in the backyard- Our very own butterfly garden. Trinity was supposed to be taking a nap- I left her in her crib and turned on the monitor. The next thing you know, the child is screaming at the top of her lungs. So, I go to grab her and she is standing in her crib crying. Yes, she is 7 months old and standing in her crib. I think she was crying because she didn’t know how to get down. So, anyway, she ended up in the jumpy thingy watching us plant. No nap for that active girlie!

This is Maddux with the cups before we planted the flowers.

Here are my happy boys after accomplishing our mission- to transplant the flowers into the garden.