Singing, Belated Birthday Celebrations and crying babies

Grandmother and Trinity

The Maddux family (and El-Hakams)

Some of the children and grandchildren

Cousin James LOVES Trinity!

Well, Sunday was one of those days. Not a bad day. Just one of those days where some things go right and some things don’t and some are just crazy.

The day started out with worship at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church. I am currently leading worship over there for the next few weeks. It is a wonderful experience for me to worship in a community that is so close to our home and to be surrounded by friends (some new and some old.) That experience was wonderful and it was also a little chaotic. There is a lot of tradition in the church- like, for example- the handbells perform an opening song in each service one Sunday a month. Which I think is really great. By having these traditions, it helps the members of the congregation to invest and stay involved. But, because there was a lot going on, some things didn’t work as well as they should. The sound had many issues. The microphones were popping and making all sorts of noises when the pastor greeted the congregation. Then, I was told that the screens were not working. This meant, no one would be seeing the lyrics to the songs that I was leading. This was a problem. But, I didn’t worry about it. I just prayed and figured if there were no lyrics, I would just have to speak the lyrics more than I planned. 🙂 Luckily, just before we were to sing our first song, the words came up on the screen and we were saved.

The rest of the service went off without a hitch. The songs were all appropriate to the morning sermon and the pastor really had a gift for making that point when he spoke. He is quick on his feet and able to adapt and let you know how things apply to your life. I really enjoy that. So, all the music turned out really well. I sang 3 songs- Your Grace is Enough, Be Thou My Vision and Give us clean Hands. For the offertory song, we sang Hosanna by Brooke Fraser. Tonight I am singing “Lamb of God” for Millenium Relief Fund’s Gala at the River Oaks Country Club. The congregation seemed to really respond to the worship music and many of them stuck around after the service was over to talk to me. It was nice. They are a very warm and friendly group of believers.

We met with the young married sunday school class after worship. This was the first sunday that they had this class in a while. There were probably 10 couples present. I was in and out of the room, because I had to feed Trinity. 3 hours was the longest I had ever been away from her. Speaking of feeding Trinity, she is 1 month old today. And on Sunday night, (her 4 week birthday) she slept for 6 hours. She did the same thing last night. I am very excited about this. She is such a wonderful baby.

After church, we met up with my parents, Melinda and Michael and Patricia’s family to celebrate my mom’s birthday. It was actually one month ago, but that was just after the hurricane and I was due with Trinity at the same time. So, we decided to wait and celebrate when things were less hectic. We met at Guadalajara. And they piled every possible person they could fit into one room, so they wouldn’t have to use an empty section of the restaurant. It was seriously so crowded in there. And we took longer than anybody else around us. We saw many other tables come and go while we were still there. But, we had a nice time. It is always a little hectic eating out with so many kids and when they seat us in an area where we can’t hear each other, it makes it even more challenging. But, we enjoyed being together and celebrating Grandmother’s birthday. After lunch we had cake and sang. Then, we attempted to take a picture outside. That was impossible. The dad’s put their oldest children on their shoulders and well, that didn’t sit so well with Maddux, who then wanted to get on Grandfather’s shoulders (uh, not happening!) So, Maddux is then crying in all of the photos. I’m not sure if we’re going to get a Grandmother and Grandfather Christmas card out of this celebration.