It’s Fall…here’s our EL Update

It’s (a little) cooler this morning in Houston, Texas. Almost feels like it could be October, but not quite. We’re doing great. 
Leeland is two and happier than ever. 

Maddux started Kindergarten and Bakri is in second grade. I am spending more time at both of their schools. So far, we are having a great school year. 

My debut album was released on September 18. 

It’s really exciting and stressful just to try to get the music out there. But, when people hear it, they are moved and they tell me about it. I am very blessed. 

If you know what to search (ie. my name), you can find me almost anywhere….iTunes, amazon, cdbaby, zune, bandcamp, noisetrade, etc. And, even next to Sandi Patty, at times. 🙂

This was my look of shock and relief the day the album was released….ah

And, now, me and the family are headed to churches and events on my off weeks to spread the music to more churches and communities. Last week, we went to Crosspoint Church in Bellaire and I had the joy of leading along side of my friend and amazing talent, Aaron Senseman and the great worship team at Crosspoint. I am very grateful to be able to share the music in this way. Could I come to your church? Contact for booking information. 
Trinity turned four and we celebrated with a family party at our church. We made homemade pizzas, danced and enjoyed celebrating Miss Trinity. She is becoming quite the little lady. 

Leeland had his first haircut. Momma cut off the longest curls in the back, but I’m not ready to go short yet. He still has some baby curls.

Grandma (Moustapha’s mom) loves to buy the kids halloween costumes. This year the Els had requests: Mario themed costumes! Toad! Princess Peach! Luigi! and Mario! We are waiting until Halloween to put on the mustaches. 
Happy October, y’all!
El Momma and the Els

Happy Fall, Y’all!

The Els have had a very busy Fall. It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through November already! We’ve been busy with school, tee-ball, piano lessons, church, family time and Fall parties. Here are some photos of our fun!
2 yr old- Trinity spidergirl
 3 1/2 months- Baby Leeland Elvis
almost Four yr old- Batmaddux
5 1/2 yr old- Bakri, the friendly ghost

 Baseball with Grandfather

The itsy bitsy spider

Coach Daddy says “way to go, Maddux!”

pumpkin carving

pixie stix!

School carnival…here come the Els

Kindergarten Hat Parade!
 wearing her brother’s prince ali hat
Maddux’s school parade

Trinity loves her cousin, Anthony

 Trick or treating
 more trick or treating

 happy trinity
Trunk or Treat!

Bakri’s scary pumpkin…his design!
Saturday morning brunch!

Our Trick or Treaters

We had a great time with the kids last night. This was the first halloween where both of the boys really got it and had a great time. Maddux was very in character as a Texas football player. He never took off his helmet the entire time he was trick or treating and he carried his Mack Brown Texas football and his bag for candy…all while not really being able to see because of the helmet! But, he had a great time. So did Bakri. Of course, there was a point in the night where Bakri just wanted to get home so he could eat some candy. We probably only went to about 10 houses. But, it was enough for us and the kids really enjoyed it. We made special visits to a few of our neighbors houses that are also our friends. They liked having the kids come by and visit and say “trick or treat!”

Our fairy princess….Trinity!

The boys headed out to trick or treat!Yes, Bakri was crying here. We had just set out on our adventure and our train conductor took off running. This was him trying to smile after being caught! Maddux looked just like this the entire time. These children were giving out candy at their home. We were on our way to do the same. Knocking on the door at Liuda and Gustavo’s house.

The train conductor loves m & msThe greeting committee at our house…ready for trick or treaters. The boys loved passing out candy.
Hmmm….let’s eat some while we wait!

Hope you all had a happy and safe halloween. We’re off to a baby halloween party today and later an All Saints Day party in Magnolia. Can’t wait. We’re also looking forward to the football game tonight. Hope the horns show up and beat the red raiders. HOOK ‘EM…and good luck Maddux!