Trinity – AKA Princess Cupcake, Hosts her very first TEA Party to RAVE REVIEWS

Our older boys have been at VBS and gymnastics camp all week. So, I promised Trinity some girl time. And, we’ve delivered on that promise! Today, Miss Trinity hosted her very first tea party. She had 2 guests; one dear friend and one babydoll named Babsy. They dined on fine china given to Trinity by her Great Aunt Bubba. They drank tea (apple juice) and ate scones, crackers, cheese and delicious cupcakes from Sugarbaby’s. There were many wardrobe changes throughout the morning. The girls loved dressing up. They gave each other princess names, and Trinity’s was “Princess Cupcake!” During and after tea, there were numerous impromptu dance sessions. They had a wonderful time and Trinity can’t wait to have another tea party!

Trinity’s Tea Party

Taking care of Babsy
Babsy enjoying tea
Fun girl time


Happy Trinity- Princess Cupcake!

Let’s dance!

What a wonderful morning!

Maddux and Trinity

We were in the backyard playing last week and all the kids were dressed alike. Trinity was playing on a blanket and the boys were running around. I asked them to come over and take a picture with her. Bakri was interested in something else at the time, so Maddux and Trinity ended up sharing some pretty precious moments together. I just love all of these photos, so I put them together in a collage.

The boys are so in love with their little sister and she is so in love with them. She just lights up every time they enter the room she is in. And now she is starting to talk to them. It is so sweet to watch them together. What a blessing they are!

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Our new life with Trinity

It is great to be home and settling in with the boys. Moustapha’s hand surgery was a success today. He will start physical therapy on Friday. We are hopeful that things will be back to normal soon.

Life with Trinity Rebekah has been amazing. She is like a little angel that we prayed, hoped and dreamed about. I know it won’t always be like this. So, I am especially thankful for each moment. She eats well and sleeps well and she spends a good amount of time each day awake and alert. I wonder what she thinks of us. I’m not sure what she can see exactly, yet. But, she already turns her head when she hears a new sound or when one of her brothers talks to her or gives her a kiss.
Bakri has settled right into his role of Big Brother of two. He is so kind with Trinity and today helped me “carry” her to her moses basket. When she cries he says “don’t cry, Trinity. It’s me.” It is so sweet. Maddux has taken to being a big brother too. The way he says Trinity is perfect and so cute. He loves to kiss her and always leaves a big slobber mark on her forehead. She doesn’t seem to mind at all. She is definitely loved!
This was our first attempt to take any pictures as a family at home. This was the best one by far! Every other one, someone was crying, kicking or both! I sure do love my family!
Trinity loves to look at us and take in the sights.
I love this photo of her yawning. She is such a sweet baby!