Turning Five is Fine

Does it seem like we celebrated Leeland’s birthday all week? Well, we kind of did. 
Saturday was Leeland’s party day. 
Our house was hot. See yesterday’s AC post. 
He wanted to see a movie – The Minion Movie. We invited our cousins, a couple of friends and met at the movie theatre first thing Saturday morning. 
Some cousins were out of town, but with 3 siblings and 4 cousins in town, it was already a huge movie watching party! Add in a couple of friends and their siblings and it was a whole lot of fun!
Here’s the whole Minion movie-watching gang!
Afterwards, we planned to have Leeland’s grandparents and Aunt and Uncle and baby cousin come to the house to celebrate. (Those who were too little to sit through a movie or wouldn’t want to and wouldn’t miss celebrating their Leeland) This part was really important to our Leeland. In planning his celebration he wanted to celebrate with Grandma and Jiddy and Grandmother and Grandfather. Unfortunately, with no AC, that part of the partying didn’t look like it was going to happen. Luckily, we have great friends who offered us another solution! A very COOL solution. So, we picked up the cupcakes and balloons and had a quick little party. 
With lots of minions and a very happy Leeland…
And, Grandmother’s “L” cookies! Leeland told her “I finally figured out why you make cookies for our parties. It’s because my mom is your daughter.” 🙂
The giant balloon…as big as LeeLee

After the family celebration, we went home…to a cooling off house. The AC guy made the repairs late in the afternoon. (Praise the Lord!) So, we watched Astros baseball and Leeland opened presents. He loved them all and sends many thanks for all of the birthday wishes. 

Leeland on his fifth birthday.

Hooray! I’m FIVE!

Happy Fifth Birthday to my Baby El

Well, those five years sure flew by! 
Today was a great day for this little guy.
We started with pancakes from Momma’s griddle.
Then, we spent the day at Vacation Bible School.

That afternoon, we had cake and waited for daddy to get home, so we could go to dinner, just the six of us.
He chose Little Pappasito’s for his dinner location. We love the fact that they put a giant sombrero on your head and sing to you.
It was a great day to celebrate a wonderful kiddo that blesses our life every single day!

Almost Five

Every day for the last week, he wakes up and asks, “How Many days until my birthday?” The answer today was “3 days!” He is so very excited to turn five. 
Can you imagine waking up this happy nearly every day and to top it off, you are wearing a top hat on your head? What a character!

We have lots of names for this child. 

Our fourth.
His name is Leeland. 
Lee for my dad, Jimmie Lee, and it was close to Leo, a family name on my mother-in-law’s side. After we named him, we found out that Leland was also a family name on her side too. 
We call him Leeland.
Lee Lee.
Big baby (he was over 10 lbs at birth!)
And, this week Big Baby turns five years old. He’s not a baby anymore.
Happy almost birthday, Leebug! Next time you awake, the answer will be “2 days!”
Love you forever.