Casual February Style ♥️

It’s February, which means it’s the month of love, at least around here. We love to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This year, we took it a step further and transformed our Christmas tree into a Valentine’s Tree.

When the Els were little, we would host parties and decorate cookies and eat pizza or some other yummy dish. As they’ve gotten older, we often have conflicting activities on Valentine’s Day. So, I like to make the whole month about love with a focus on our love for family and each other.

While working on our Valentine’s Day gift guide, I wanted to get into the spirit early with these adorable Valentine’s Day themed tops. You can shop these looks at this commissionable link.

❤️Tops by Caslon. Jeans by Madewell. ♥️

The baby of the family…finally some peace

He’s adorable, y’all. Like, the cutest, wanna squeeze him and hug him and delight in him all the time ADORABLE. He is five years old and still cuddles with his momma. Which is the absolute best.

He’s also a handful! He’s been getting into everything since he was a baby. And taking care of himself because he didn’t want to be forgotten. Being the youngest of four, he loves being babied and he loves being independent and in charge.  He’s fun. And stubborn. When I take him out and try to get him to sit quietly, it hardly ever works. His sister’s dance class? Nope. His sister’s gymnastics class? Nope. He does pay attention in his own activities. For example; baseball.  

But, if we just need to sit still and wait, it’s impossible. Did you see what I wrote about throwing out my back 3 weeks ago? That was this sweet boy. 
But, today there was peace. He’s reading and he’s quiet and he’s in love…with a book.