Why you should (n’t) REPLY ALL

As if you didn’t have enough people telling you what to do, here I am ready to teach you a little email etiquette.

 [Insert random venting here]

First of all, when receiving a group email, [meaning an email that was not just sent to you, but also to other emails in a group] think twice or perhaps three times before you reply all. [or, just never “reply all”]
Read the email completely before you reply all.
Think again before you reply all.
Does the email speak to whether or not you should reply all? If, it does speak to this and it specifically asks you to “not reply all”, do not reply all.
If, after reading, thinking and triple thinking, you determine that replying all is the best solution: think about what you say before you say it. And, 
Be nice.
Remember that the message you’re sending is not just going to the person that you’re writing it to, but it is going to all the emails in the group email. 
Are you irritated with the person who wrote the original message and will something that you reply back to them be a way of scolding them in front of the entire group? If the answer is yes, then change the tone in way in which you are writing your email.
Change your tone: It does not make you look good and it only hurts the other people to see that side of you. Emails are not people and do not have emotions. However, they can come across as insensitive, rude, and even mean if they are not thought through well.
Have fun out there. And remember what you put out there on the Internet, is out there on the Internet! 😉