Our Visit with Santa Claus

Maddux loved his visit with Santa Claus. Seriously, that is what he says. He talks about sitting on Santa’s lap and how he wants Santa to read to him. We haven’t said anything to him about crying. I am guessing he remembers that part, but is just choosing to block it out and pretend like it was a great visit. At least we have these soon to be classic photos of him that we can share for years to come and all get a little giggle!

Bakri, on the other hand, really did love his visit with Santa! He asked Santa for a bicycle. I did my best to lead him into wanting a tricycle first. Moustapha and I figured he’d enjoy a bike after he rides a trike for a little while. Since our house was either under construction or we were out of the house over the last year, we didn’t have driveway access for the kids to ride tricycles. So, now is the time!

Trinity was precious during her visit with Santa. She was unphased by Maddux’s crying and then she really lit up when it was her turn to sit with Santa by herself. My mom got her this beautiful outfit from Janie and Jack which I put her in over and over again during Christmas, because I just thought she looked so beautiful. She is such a sweet baby. I can’t believe she is already 3 months old. It is unbelievable how fast time goes the older you get and the more children you have. Or maybe its both. Or the fact that I am older and have more children. Either way, it is super fast. I just want to hold on to every precious moment!