Trips to the ER with boys

Our little primate with his buddy the orangutan!

What a day. What a week. What a life!

Is this what I am to “expect” with boys?

That is what I keep hearing. Everytime I tell someone about our 2 year old’s experiences with falling and needing stitches over the last 3 weeks- someone tells me their horror story. I’ve heard numerous stories of 12 ER visits or 15 ER visits or stitches every year. All of these stories were boys, by the way. But, none of them were comforting or encouraging in the least.

I guess I should be comforted to know that it all works out ok in the end. But, that’s hard. When you are going through it, it is traumatic. Our sweet little boy was screaming, crying and foaming at the mouth when the doctor failed at her attempt to glue him back together with dermabond. It was one of the most awful experiences we’ve had as parents.

Did I just say “failed at her attempt to glue him back together with dermabond?” Yes, I did. After having the glue on the skin for a few days, it begins to flake off and then you can actually see the success or unsuccess of the glue. In this case, it was unsuccessful. His laceration is just as open as it was when we arrived to the ER Saturday night. And what do we have to show for it? Well, we’ve tortured him by strapping his arms down, caused him extreme pain while attempting to apply dermabond while he was crying and sweating profusely with no numbing medication and we still have to get stitches tomorrow.

Oh, I am not looking forward to this. please pray for our Maddux. May he be brave and strong and trust in the Lord. 



Our Trip to the plastic surgeon

Here is a picture of our sweet little boy, Maddux on Labor day. So, technically, this is his “before the slide accident” photo.

On the following day, Maddux went to Mother’s Day Out. It was his third day. I got a call 25 minutes after leaving him as school. The voice on the other line said “Maddux hit…” Right then, I was afraid Maddux had hit someone. And for a moment I was mortified. Not that my child would hit someone. Obviously, I don’t want him hitting other children. But, I know that happens. But, I pray I never get a call that my child has injured another. So, let’s go back to that phone call “Maddux hit his eye on the edge of the slide and we thought you should come look at it.” I was out the door so fast. It was the longest 5 minute car ride ever. I was just nervous about knowing the right thing to do. I began praying that God would give me wisdom to know what to do.

Maddux wasn’t even crying when I went to pick him up. The bleeding had stopped, but he did not look good. The cut was on the bone below his eyebrow and it was very open. I took him to the pediatrician so I could get a recommendation from his doctor. He recommended we take him to a plastic surgeon. He feared that the ER doctors would want to stitch him up and that he would have a larger scar than necessary.
I was at the pediatrician’s office waiting as Nurse Kimberly made calls to try and find a plastic surgeon that could see Maddux and stitch him up. Suddenly, I remembered visiting a plastic surgeon’s office in the same building just before Trinity was born, when Moustapha had his accident with his finger. I called Moustapha and asked him to call. Luckily, he was available to see Maddux.

Maddux had to get 6 stitches. To say they were beautiful stitches is putting it mildly. They were gorgeous stitches! Maddux had a hard time during the numbing shot, but he was great when the stitches went in. What a trooper!

Here he is feeling a little tired from such a big day! I’ll take a picture of him soon and add it as well. You can’t even tell he had any stitches. Yeah for Maddux and for his great doctor!