Trinity is 3 weeks old and pretty in purple

What is she thinking? I spend most of my days (among other things, of course) wondering what is she thinking? What does she know? She seems really comfortable and content most of the time. And sometimes when she is awake she just looks a little unsure and curious. Who knows what she is really thinking. I just hope and pray that she is happy, healthy and grows up knowing how much she is loved.

Aunt Haley sent this adorable little lavender pajama set. Doesn’t she look sweet…that’s almost a smile there. I feel like this is just going by so fast. Too fast. Sometimes I wish I could just have more time to spend with her. But, then I also wish I had more individual time to spend with each of our children. I can really see the benefits when I do have time to spend focused on each of them.

Trinity loves to hang out in the den on the chaise lounge part of the couch. She likes looking outside. She can see the leaves gently moving on the trees as she watches the light bounce around the room. This is how happy she is taking it all in.