A New Season

We’ve been at Church of the Apostles Houston about seven months now…is that right? Time as flown by. We had our first Advent in the church on 14th street, we opened to the public, had our first Christmas Eve service, Ash Wednesday service, and first Lent. Our first Palm Sunday service was held at 14th street, first Holy Week- Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter. Wow.
A lot. Of. Firsts.
A lot of hope. A lot of love. A lot of sacrifice.

Being at Apostles (Church of the Apostles Houston) has been a life changing experience for me. It’s the first time I have worked FULL TIME (outside the home) since birthing these four precious children of ours.  I came into this job carrying with me my experiences from our previous churches. That’s, of course, a very natural thing to do. But, God changed me and altered my expectations for a church and a job at a church that is still in the church planting stage. He has been changing my heart and my responses along the way. And, I have been incredibly blessed while leading and waiting on God’s timing.
Day to day, I am in and out of the office and still able to volunteer and be with my children. But, I also work very hard. God has blessed us with a band made up completely of members of our congregation. No paid musicians, no paid “sound guy”. Just a team of lovely hearts who happen to be very gifted. 

The weeks seem to go by even faster than before now. And, I am grateful for time. 
I am grateful for my family. 
Without much protest at all, just as Advent was approaching, we moved churches. Church families. Our church home. It is a big deal. And these sweet people and my DH 

have jumped in wholeheartedly. It’s made the transition so easy and full of blessings. 

I wanted to share this with you as we are entering summer and as I continue to write new music. Would you pray with me? That I will follow the Holy Spirit’s leading when planning how to spend my time. And that God will begin to show me how and when I should finish songs. There are many and time with God and music is so critical to my songwriting process. Please pray that the time gets intentionally carved out and that God will bless that time. And, please pray for our church family at Apostles. Church planting is a very special time. 

Ecclesiastes 3 (ESV)

” For everything there is a season, and <span class="crossreference" data-link="(A)” data-cr=”#cen-ESV-17361A” style=”-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto; background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0); font-family: ‘Helvetica Neue Light’, HelveticaNeue-Light, helvetica, arial, sans-serif; font-size: 17px; box-sizing: border-box; position: relative; vertical-align: top; top: 0px;”>a time for every matter under heaven” 

Just too tired…

This is the second entry in a series I call “El Real Momma”

The purpose is just to be completely “Real” with you all and real with myself. The internet can be a place of fear and sometimes I am afraid of the consequences and the negative results that could come from over-sharing. Don’t worry, I am not going to intentionally over-share. But, I am going to share. So here goes:

Making lunches. Morning or night. The battle is on every single day. Do I stay up, downstairs after everyone is tucked snuggly in their beds and make lunches that need to be put back in the fridge until morning? Or, do I head to my cozy bed and lay down? I usually choose laying down and opt for a 20 minute earlier wake up call in the morning. I know it’s probably not the best choice. Making lunches at night would probably save me time because I wouldn’t be a morning zombie.

But, honestly, I am just too tired. Too too tired for words. In fact, as I write this I am too tired to finish the thought I started with at the beginning of this post. But, I digress. My point is this: we’re all worn out. We probably work too hard, some of us may play too hard, maybe we spend too much time volunteering, or make every dinner from scratch or rush to get to the drive thru for breakfast, because we are too late for any other option or maybe we’re just tired from every day life. Whatever it is that is wearing us out, remember to let the guilt go (if I just said “Let it Go” then, the ELs break out into song) and take time for yourself. This week, I will get a mani-pedi. That’s an almost promise. What will you do for yourself this week?  The end result? A better you. And, isn’t that better for all of us!

much love!

Tonight, in spite of all odds, I made lunches. This is just the part that isn’t currently being refrigerated. Now, I can rest peacefully. Good night!