My name is Rebekah Maddux El-Hakam and I am El Momma to “The Els.” I began this blog as a space for my family over 13 years ago. It’s an honest place. It’s full of imperfections, just like this momma. It’s also full of happy posts, sad ones and the ones written to reach out to you and tell you that I’m with you. You are NOT ALONE! Although my momma experiences are not the same as yours, they connect with you and yours. And, I am forever grateful for that.

Jimmie, two years old and El Momma
I share because we are not alone. I now have a common bond of loss with so many. Some of my dear friends, who only began to share of their loss after we lost Mary-Linda in 2017. Many friends who have thanked me for sharing and told of the times it helped them through a tough day. Or, that they were reminded to give thanks or that it’s okay to be sad or that their loved one is worth remembering and talking about.


I was born and raised in Texas. Lived here until graduating from college when I followed my heart and my dreams to California. Part of my heart will always be there. Luckily, my Texas husband was also there. We met, fell in love and made our way back to Texas where we married and now have 5 earthside children (the Els) and a baby daughter in heaven. I write about what I feel. What I know and what I wish I knew. Oh, and I LOVE to cook and bake and learn and experiment in the kitchen. I share my favorite recipes right here.  

In 2018, one year (almost to the day) after losing our daughter, I had a different kind of tragedy shake me to my core. Someone who I trusted, although, not someone I had known long, betrayed my trust. That person nearly took my voice away. I’ve only recently began to unpack how that all played out. But, I will say this: My Voice belongs to the LORD. And, THE VOICE OF THE LORD WILL NOT BE SILENCED. That is all. So, if you’ve experienced being silenced and feel as though you have lost your voice, keep speaking out. Keep sharing your stories. Keep telling. Keep singing. Keep being. Keep shining! God is with you. I hope my story will encourage you to keep the faith and cling to what and who you know to be true and good. 


Thank you for the encouragement. As I often say, encouraging others in their gifts can be one of the most empowering actions we can do for another.

love, EL MOMMA



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