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Another Favorite- Lebanese Green Beans, Ground lamb & Rice

Add this green beans, lamb and rice to the list of our family favorites. We make this dish every 1-2 weeks. I usually use about 3 pounds of green beans and 1 – 2 pounds of ground lamb. A very important ingredient of many lebanese dishes is 7 spices. 7 Spices are made with a…

El Momma on the WhinyPaluza Podcast with Rebecca Greene plus 4 Parenting Tips

El Momma 4 Parenting Tips that Work for Us 1. Keep a schedule, but let it go when it’s just not working 2. Tell the truth. Teach the value of honesty to your children. 3. SLOW DOWN. Enjoy today. You and your kids will only be this age at this moment in time. Don’t move…


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El Momma, expecting Baby JJ 2019
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Hi! I’m Rebekah. I am a mother of 6 children- 4 big Els (ages 10-15), a baby girl in heaven and our rainbow baby Jimmie (17 months). I’ve been blogging here at elmomma.com since 2008. Come join us in our El family adventures. We are glad you are here. xo, El Momma

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