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El Momma, expecting Baby JJ 2019
About El Momma

Hi! I’m Rebekah. I am a mother of 6 children- 4 big Els (ages 11-17), a daughter in heaven (born still in 2017) and our rainbow baby boy, Jimmie (3). I’ve been blogging here at since 2008. I am here to support you in your motherhood journey!

xo, El Momma

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  • Our little miracle turns FOUR

    A birthday party in the park Trigger warning: mention of loss. Five years ago, we were struggling with grief after our daughter was stillborn at 18 weeks. We were also desperately praying and hoping that we would have a healthy, earthside baby. In September of 2018, we found out we were pregnant with Jimmie. More…

  • IVF at 45. UPDATE!

    IVF at any age can be a very difficult and emotionally draining process. Here’s a bit of my story. I am 45 years old. I hope it gives you more information and insight into what the process is like.

  • The Ultimate Wish List for Your Entire Pregnancy

    I’ve been pregnant quite a few times over the last 19 years (I can’t believe it’s been that many years!) and have learned that there are some things that my body and baby need from day one. I’ve compiled this list of items I can’t live without from first positive test and throughout my entire…