Bakri and Maddux are "DYNAMITE!"

After taking the older boys- the six and four year old, to see the Newsboys a few weeks ago, their interest in being a “rock band” has intensified. The Newsboys opened the concert with a song by Taio Cruz called “Dynamite.” The boys loved it and immediately got hooked on the song. We found it when we got home and I started teaching them the piano part. Then, I was asked to contribute a song for a concert at our church where the music would be from Musicals or popular music. I asked the boys if they wanted to perform “Dynamite” and they of course wanted to. And, so it began. Here is the video of the boys performing last night. Maddux (four and a half) starts the song off with the piano part. He very cutely shakes his head to tell me he’s not going to sing that part. And, when the song gets going, it is amazing. And, yes, that is their dad excitedly recording and singing along. Way to go “Capital Els!” El momma is so proud of you. We had a great time.

Trips to the ER with boys

Our little primate with his buddy the orangutan!

What a day. What a week. What a life!

Is this what I am to “expect” with boys?

That is what I keep hearing. Everytime I tell someone about our 2 year old’s experiences with falling and needing stitches over the last 3 weeks- someone tells me their horror story. I’ve heard numerous stories of 12 ER visits or 15 ER visits or stitches every year. All of these stories were boys, by the way. But, none of them were comforting or encouraging in the least.

I guess I should be comforted to know that it all works out ok in the end. But, that’s hard. When you are going through it, it is traumatic. Our sweet little boy was screaming, crying and foaming at the mouth when the doctor failed at her attempt to glue him back together with dermabond. It was one of the most awful experiences we’ve had as parents.

Did I just say “failed at her attempt to glue him back together with dermabond?” Yes, I did. After having the glue on the skin for a few days, it begins to flake off and then you can actually see the success or unsuccess of the glue. In this case, it was unsuccessful. His laceration is just as open as it was when we arrived to the ER Saturday night. And what do we have to show for it? Well, we’ve tortured him by strapping his arms down, caused him extreme pain while attempting to apply dermabond while he was crying and sweating profusely with no numbing medication and we still have to get stitches tomorrow.

Oh, I am not looking forward to this. please pray for our Maddux. May he be brave and strong and trust in the Lord. 



Maddux and Trinity

We were in the backyard playing last week and all the kids were dressed alike. Trinity was playing on a blanket and the boys were running around. I asked them to come over and take a picture with her. Bakri was interested in something else at the time, so Maddux and Trinity ended up sharing some pretty precious moments together. I just love all of these photos, so I put them together in a collage.

The boys are so in love with their little sister and she is so in love with them. She just lights up every time they enter the room she is in. And now she is starting to talk to them. It is so sweet to watch them together. What a blessing they are!

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Maddux, Grandfather and the beautiful watercolor painting

In June of 2007, Maddux was 7 months old. One afternoon, we went to Jason’s Deli with my parents and sister. While we were there, there was a man with a very fancy camera sitting close by with 2 friends. He was watching Maddux closely and soon a friend approached and asked us if he could take Maddux’s picture. He explained that he was in America from China. He was a master watercolorist and had an exhibit in the museum district. They handed us a card and we agreed that he could take photos of Maddux – in Jason’s Deli. He even invited us to his watercolor exhibit and we went later that week. It was the most beautiful watercolor work I had ever seen. The details were simply amazing. I had hopes that one day he would paint a beautiful watercolor of Maddux and that I would somehow discover it on his website. Well, today was the day. Randomly, I went to his website, clicked on 2008 and there was a painting called “Love of Grandson.” This is the one! Perhaps we’ll be able to get a print of it someday. It is just so beautiful and captures our sweet baby Maddux and the love of his Grandfather perfectly. I just love it.