Leeland’s first bath

Leeland is 9 days old today. I was so ready to bathe the child, but had to wait until his umbilical cord stump fell off. This evening I gathered everything together and prepared to give him a sponge bath in the sink. I went to pick him up and voila! – off came the stump! So, he had his first real bath tonight. Here’s how it went.

We started off very calm. He likes the sound of the water flowing from the faucet. He was even calm when I first put his feet in the water. And then…

He lost it! Normally, I wouldn’t post a picture like this, but he is mostly covering everything that needs to be covered. And, I thought it was just too cute to see how upset he is. And, to see the absolute craziness that is my kitchen countertop!
One of Leeland’s many talents is his ability to turn completely red! Here is an example…
Once we moved from his back to facing forward, he was much happier and looked a lot less like a cherry. 🙂
He really chilled out.
It’s over! What a relief!
He definitely has the most hair of any of our babies and it’s the darkest as well. We may have a
tall, dark and handsome one on our hands with our LT.