Trinity’s Latest Tricks

So, Trinity is 7 months old now. And getting bigger by the minute, it seems. We kind of thought she would probably slim down some once she started crawling around everywhere- but that was at 6 months- which was the same time she started eating baby solid foods. She still drinks the same amount of breastmilk AND eats 3 full meals a day. So, the crawling really hasn’t done anything for her very adorable figure!

And we LOVE IT! Have I told you how cute her chubby legs are??? They are so adorable and so great to squeeze on! She is the happiest baby ever.

Trinity is still saying Mama, Up and Baba (which is daddy in Arabic.) We don’t call Moustapha that, but we always talk about it whenever we have a baby who starts saying Baba. She really hasn’t added any new words to her vocabulary. When we say Bye Bye- she says “Baba.” And when we say Brother- she says “Baba.” When we say Ball she says “Ba.” So, if you count that then she can say 6 words- but since 3 of them sound the same, we’ll stick with 3! She also mimicks the boys. If they say AAAH- she’ll say AAAH. If they say OOOOH. She’ll say OOOOOH. It’s super cute.

On Tuesday she started whistling. It was really funny. She just puckers her lips together and blows in and out and it makes a whistling sound- clear as can be. I’ve yet to be able to capture this on video. But, I’ll keep trying.

I mentioned in my last post that she is pulling up to stand now. She started this a couple of days ago. She is still trying to figure out how to get down. And today she climbed 2 steps. How am I going to keep up with these children??? I am totally outnumbered! 🙂 This video shows her pulling up to stand today with a little baby play mirror. She is very proud of herself. Click here to see it!

Ready to Rock

Trinity is 5 months old now- this was official last Saturday. And as of yesterday she is now up on all fours (2 hands and both knees) and rocking back and forth. She is having so much fun trying to move around! I can’t believe I’m about to have THREE kids to chase around this house…they grow up so fast!!!

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