Getting Caught in the Rain

I think I could start every blog the same. It might get a little boring. But it would go like this “Today was a crazy day!” 

So, I’ll start this one this way and think of something new next time. 
Today was a crazy day! Our alarm clocks were out of sorts this morning and we all barely made it to church on time. I go early to rehearse with the band. I made it, but was barely on time because I stopped for a latte. I needed it more today than usual!
The Els ate chocolate gluten free cupcakes for breakfast. I didn’t see them, but I saw the evidence on an empty plate after church.
I made a pretty big lunch for us. Not unusual, but I was really tired and found it hard to stand in the kitchen. By lunchtime I was ready for a nap. And I laid down on the couch and took one. I took a nap! That’s very unusual!
After my naptime, Trinity had prepared a performance for us complete with props and original songs. Bakri watched with us and Maddux and Leeland joined in to entertain us. 

Next, we had break time so I could start laundry. Then, we walked to a neighborhood block party. This is where it gets interesting and, no, I don’t have pictures. 
It began to lightly rain. 
We had no umbrella and decided we should go home. 
It rained.
It poured.
And poured.
All the way home. 2 longish blocks. 
We got completely and totally soaked.
We sang. We danced. We splashed. We laughed. It was fun. Really fun. A family first for us. 
It reminds me of our sermon at Apostles this morning. We talked a little about missing moments. This was one we didn’t set out to experience. But, in our crazy busy lives, it is one that I’m so glad we didn’t miss today.