Graduating from Kindergarten, playground or ceremony? Is it all the same?

In my day, we graduated from kindergarten. Complete with graduation caps and gowns. Our families attended, cheered us on, and it was the only graduation until the completion of high school. I can’t say for sure whether I remember it or whether it sticks with me because of the photos. Either way, it was, and remains an important day to me.

My friends who are raising their children in the same school system we grew up in are getting to experience this as a parent. Their children are graduating from kindergarten. It is a big accomplishment. A lot of changes take place that first year of elementary school. I, for one, am not getting the same child this Summer that started school last Fall. He’s matured and grown so much.

So, why are we not celebrating this accomplishment with a graduation ceremony? Our school graduates students when they complete fifth grade. I think that is fine. But, in my opinion, we’re missing an important milestone by not graduating them from kindergarten. We, instead, are celebrating with all of the kindergarten classes in the neighborhood park with a playday in the sun. It will be fun. But, will it be as memorable and special as a kindergarten graduation would be? I suppose we’ll find out. I’m up for the challenge of trying to make the end of the year and all that he’s accomplished be a big deal to him so that he is motivated to accomplish so much more with his future.

Happy graduation party day, kindergarten class of 2011! We are proud of you and we wish you a bright sunny future!

Bakri, playing Ode to Joy for his first piano recital, age six.

First Day of Kindergarten

Our first El started kindergarten this week. It has been a stressful week for all of us.

I said many times that I was not going to cry when this day came. And, I didn’t. Well, at least not because I was sad. Since, I still have 3 more little Els to take care of at home, I don’t really have time to be sad about one starting school. It’s time. I’m ready. I miss him. But, I know that this is a part of growing up. And, like I said, I’m ready. But, to be perfectly honest, I did cry this week. It’s hard wondering what my child is doing all day. Wondering if he is ok. Will he adjust? Will he make friends? Will he relax and be himself at school?
Oh, I hope so. Everytime I think of him, I say a quick prayer.
God, please take care of Bakri. Help him to be the best Bakri he can be.