#ELMOMMA31 31 Days of Blogging in July

El Momma, July 2015

We did it! This is my final post of my self-given challenge to blog every day for the month of July. We went on a few random thought trails, but for the most part it was a great experience. I enjoyed sharing a part of my life with you every day this month. If you missed a post or two, feel free to look around. Every post was tagged with the hashtag #elmomma31 , so that should help or you can just scroll back through time or start on July 1  and scroll up until you end on July 31.

Welcome to August. I’m sure you will hear from me again soon as we gear up to go BACK TO SCHOOL!

much love,
El Momma (Rebekah)

Confession: I work out every day and it’s not about my body

What!? Yes, It’s true. I work out. Every day. It’s summer and my everyday workout is a given.
It’s not because I need to look good for the beach. I have no plans to go to the beach. I wish I did. But, I don’t.
However, I will work out tomorrow and every other week day of the summer. Why? Because, it’s my break time.
I have a Y membership. It comes with childcare. CHILDCARE for 1.5 hours. For all four of my kids. All four. They take them. They smile at me. They smile at me when I drop them off and again when I pick them up. It’s heaven.
And, even though I work out while we’re apart, I’m still happy. I need time. I need space. I need a schedule. So, this is it. It’s our routine and good gracious, if I get fit on this routine, then so be it.
That’s just the way it is.
And, I’m super tired from all of this exercise. Like, really, really tired.
Here I am, tired!