Writing A Special New Song inspired by Leeland’s Baptism and a Powerful Song by Chris Medina

Sunday was a pretty special day for our family. We baptised our youngest child at our home church amongst friends and family. I led worship on this very special morning as well. And, when preparing for the message, felt inspired to write a new song entitled “Your Promises.” I would describe it as a very simple, soulful song that expresses the way I feel about my walk with God in the simplest of terms. There are times I felt like I was alone and I was making all of the wrong choices and yet, now, looking back I know that I was never alone and God was with me and carrying me through even the hardest of times. God has promised His Blessings and He fulfilled and fulfills that promise through His son Jesus. I am walking proof of God’s promises and in this song I describe how I feel each day as I “hold tight to Your promises.”  Our pastor shared the story of American Idol contestant, Chris Medina and then played his video which tells of His continued love and commitment to his fiance after she suffered brain injury in an accident. Lyrics to Chris Medina- What are Words To view the video we saw this week click here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQY4dIxY1H4

If you haven’t seen it and/or heard it, get ready with the kleenex. It is a tear-jerker.
So, it was pretty impossible to sing the song “Your Promises” after watching this unbelievably emotional video and listening to this beautiful song. But, I believe it was meant to be and part of God’s plan for our service. I hope that the congregation knew could feel that I was singing from my heart. It is impossible to commit to be with someone and support them in the way Chris sings about without God’s love coming through you and without clinging to His promises. I am thankful to have so much life to look forward to in front of me and to know that God will never leave me. I will forever hold tight to His promises.

Thursday, Galleria shopping with Grandmother & songwriting

To prepare for Leeland’s upcoming baptism, we went to the galleria today to shop for his baptism outfit. We knew exactly what we were looking for. Grandmother came over before lunch and we went together with all of the kids. The boys love the fountain at the Galleria. Although, I don’t remember the last time it was actually working. Of course, it was not operating on this day. Luckily, the clothing shop had a kid video playing at the back of the store. The older boys went right to it and gave us time to shop. After finding exactly what we were looking for, we didn’t waste any time heading out of there and going to lunch. Unfortunately, the els were set on chick-fil-a. So, no mexican food fix for Grandmother from Guadalajara Restaurant on this day.
By the time we got home, it was time for a playdate at the park with one of Bakri’s friends. I took all three boys and laid Trinity down for a nap. Her dad was working from home. We spent over an hour at the park and I enjoyed getting to know another mom a little better. It is always nice to get some adult conversation!
We were home in time for me to get dinner started and soon our sitter arrived. I spent the next hour upstairs alone finishing a new song called “Your Promises” which we will play this Sunday during the offering. It’s about a few of the promises that God has made us and how nothing can keep us from His Promises and I will hold tight to His Promises.
Soon after that, I headed to rehearsal. Things went really well. It’s always a little overwhelming and emotional for me when presenting a new song to the band (my friends) for the first time. This night was no different. This song, with simple lyrics, particularly speaks to my life story. I really feel connected to it and am very excited to share it on Sunday.

One more day of Spring Break week!