A Few of my Favorite Things (2009)

1. when all three children nap at the same time
2. when all three children nap at all
3. when the boys dress themselves
4. sitting on the chaise lounge of my couch watching the kids happily playing
5. when the darkness says “bedtime”
6. not worrying about the next paycheck
7. relaxing with my husband in a peaceful house

8. picking up my child from preschool and being told he had a great day

9. baking, baking and more baking. I really love to bake and seriously missed a huge passion when I had no kitchen. thank you, hubby for my gourmet kitchen and my 1960s restored stove. Love you!

10. Any time I get to spend in California or Hawaii. We were fortunate enough to be in both places in 2009. I loved every minute of both trips- even getting through airport security (which was a means to a happy end.)

11. Talking with my (almost) 1 year old daughter. Hearing her say “bye, bye, daddy,” “Hi, daddy,” “cheese”- when I take her picture! It’s like she decided to start talking yesterday and she suddenly knows 30 words. Wow!

12. Nursing Trinity. I don’t know how much longer we’ll do this, but it is such a sweet time for us. She has 5 teeth, but has learned pretty quickly that we don’t tolerate biting. 🙂

When I re-read this list, it is clear to me that I enjoy it when people sleep.