El Momma on the WhinyPaluza Podcast with Rebecca Greene plus 4 Parenting Tips

El Momma talking about The WhinyPaluza Podcast new episode out on November 6th!
Baby Jimmie and I made this reel on Instagram this afternoon and in two hours it already had over 1500 views! (I had to change the music to one I have the rights to in order to share it over here. The song featured in this video is my song, Only In You from my album, Radiant You and available on iTunes) but, Whoa! I wanted to do a cute little reel that highlighted 4 Parenting Tips that I talked with Rebecca Greene about on the WhinyPaluza Podcast today! I will summarize below. But, check this out. Check out the WhinyPaluza Podcast- like, comment and subscribe! We really want to hear from you !

El Momma

4 Parenting Tips that Work for Us

  • 1. Keep a schedule, but let it go when it’s just not working
  • 2. Tell the truth. Teach the value of honesty to your children.
  • 3. SLOW DOWN. Enjoy today. You and your kids will only be this age at this moment in time. Don’t move too fast. You will miss it!
  • 4. Let them eat cake! The Els all giggled when they read this. Listen to my interview with Rebecca Green’s on The WhinyPaluza Podcast for the full story. But, the short version is there was a night in September when the big 4 Els were down in the kitchen eating leftover birthday cake with their grandmother at 10:30pm at night. Our response was probably not what you would think.
  • In summary, you do you. These tips work for us and the Els right now and I think they are good things to try, if you are looking for parenting suggestions and help. Or, just looking to expand your parenting management and skills.

I am so excited to share with you that I was recently interviewed by Rebecca Greene on The Whinypaluza Podcast. It was a great experience! We talked about juggling being a mom, a blogger, and a singer/songwriter.
The Whinypaluza Podcast features bloggers, parenting experts, and marriage experts as they shed light on tips and tricks to make life with your family better than ever!
I was fortunate enough to be a guest on the show. I found the experience to be both insightful and enriching. Rebecca is passionate about what she does! She was a true joy to talk to.
Here are just a few of the topics we covered:
●Why it’s important to both go with the flow and
make a schedule.
●How it can be difficult to cater to your child’s eating needs.
●How virtual learning has changed many things during COVID-19.
●Why all the parents are talking about school right now.
●How the pandemic has allowed many families to eat together more often.
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