Confession: I work out every day and it’s not about my body

What!? Yes, It’s true. I work out. Every day. It’s summer and my everyday workout is a given.
It’s not because I need to look good for the beach. I have no plans to go to the beach. I wish I did. But, I don’t.
However, I will work out tomorrow and every other week day of the summer. Why? Because, it’s my break time.
I have a Y membership. It comes with childcare. CHILDCARE for 1.5 hours. For all four of my kids. All four. They take them. They smile at me. They smile at me when I drop them off and again when I pick them up. It’s heaven.
And, even though I work out while we’re apart, I’m still happy. I need time. I need space. I need a schedule. So, this is it. It’s our routine and good gracious, if I get fit on this routine, then so be it.
That’s just the way it is.
And, I’m super tired from all of this exercise. Like, really, really tired.
Here I am, tired!