Wednesday, Rodeo Houston!, oh those Crazy Els!

As if going to the zoo during spring break wasn’t crazy enough, let’s go to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo on Value Day! Total insanity! It was one thing after another. But, again, we were so lucky that Moustapha was with us. Thank you, honey! You made a very difficult day of “fun” much more bearable. It’s true what I said a while back. Sometimes it is really hard work to have fun! Hope you enjoyed your day little cowboys and Miss Cowgirl! love, Momma and Daddy

Rodeo Houston 2010- A lot of Effort for a Day of Fun

Well, it turns out that going to the rodeo with three kids under the age of 5 is a challenge whether you venture out alone or with your husband.

Last year I went alone and nearly had a heart attack…walking, cleaning up a messy diaper just before boarding a tram, controlling 2 boys, orchestrating a pony ride for both of them and keeping the baby happy. It was tough! But, the kids had a great time. Me?- not so much. But, it’s not about me, right? So, this year, at the request of many family members and friends, I recruited my husband for El Rodeo Day! I figured this would be more enjoyable for all. It definitely was more enjoyable for the kids. But, at the end of it all, after being exhausted from all of the things we did last year and did again this year (minus the near heart attack- thankfully!) I looked at Moustapha and asked him “At what age do you think our kids have to be for the rodeo to be fun for us again?”

Fast forward to 1 hour later when all of the kids are asleep in their beds at 6pm. The boys were so exhausted, they slept the entire night. Trinity will not miss a meal, so she woke up for that and quickly returned to a restful sleep. I would say that is the payoff for all of the work. We had a really quiet night. 🙂

Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to have fun!

Bakri with Tiki the pony
Bakri, Maddux & Miss Moo
Maddux and Tiki the pony

Moustapha and Baby Trinity
A little smile from Miss Trinity
Trinity and Linda the Pony (no, we didn’t plan that) 🙂 But, pretty cute that Little Linda is riding Linda the pony!
Trinity, not so sure about the Bunny

Yesterday’s Rodeo Adventure

On Wednesday we went to the rodeo…me, Bakri, Maddux and Trinity. What an adventure! Here is some pictures and one video of our day from start to finish…

Here is Miss Trinity in her rodeo best…this outfit belonged to our niece. Isn’t it cute? And the shoes were Bakri’s, then Maddux’s and now Trinity’s!

Maddux and Trinity ready for the rodeo!

Bakri, Maddux and Trinity getting ready to head to the rodeo.

Maddux, Trinity and Bakri….rodeo ready!

Amira gave the boys these adorable cowboy boots for Christmas. Maddux would wear his everyday if I let him!

The biggest challenge of the day was getting to the rodeo from the parking lot and back. We had to board a tram with a double stroller, one adult (me) an infant (trinity) and 2 kids (Bakri and Maddux.) Whoah! Thank God I had the help of kind strangers…

This was a big Longhorn we saw when we first got there. We also ran into some of our family there. We didn’t get to hang out with them much, because they had already done some of the things we were there to do. But, it was really fun seeing them!

I guess Mr. B. found these hens to be quite shocking! Maybe it was the fact that they were laying eggs.

My little cowboy, Bakri!

At one point T lost her patience with being in the Stroller, and she was much happier to be out enjoying the livestock show.
We waited in the line for the pony ride for 30 minutes. When I bought the tokens they told us it would be an hour or an hour and a half. Thankfully, the wait wasn’t nearly that long. But, since the kids look forward to this ponyride every year, its not something we could avoid…and they loved it as always!

Maddux riding the pony “gem.”
Bakri riding the pony and having a great time!
This is a video of the boys when the ride first started. Click on it and listen to Maddux as he goes by for the first time…he’s already asking to ride again. Kids are so funny!

Here comes Bakri! He’s looking at Maddux. Bakri’s pony was named “dolly.”
We were on our way out to have a snack before leaving and I asked somebody to take a picture of all of us just to prove the kids weren’t there by themselves.

We grabbed a snack before leaving. Here’s Maddux enjoying some gatorade.

This is as much of the corndog as Maddux ate.

Bakri, on the other hand, ate two corndogs! He was really hungry after that ponyride!
So, remember how I said getting from the car and back was the most challenging part? Well, thankfully there are no pictures of this. But, we go to get in line for the tram and Miss Trinity has a dirty diaper…like really dirty all over the place. So, I have to get out of the line and get her cleaned up before we can take the ride on the tram. Meanwhile, Maddux falls asleep in the stroller…which is not a good thing, because he’s about to have to get out and sit up on the tram ride. So, we finally get on the tram after 5 people try to help me. Then, we arrive to the parking lot and I have Trinity in the baby bjorn so Bakri can ride in the stroller out to the car. He was exhausted and already complaining about how tired he was. The only problem was, he wouldn’t let anyone help him get in the stroller. So, I end up carrying Trinity, pushing Maddux alone in the Stroller and walking holding Bakri’s hand as he complains and cries the whole time about how tired he is. By the time we get to the car, I was seriously having heart palpitations…either I’m anxious, out of shape, or something is wrong with me??? Anyway, I finally get everyone in the car and Bakri immediately falls asleep. Which meant, no baseball (tee-ball) practice for him that afternoon.
All’s well that ends well. And this one ended well. We had a great time at the Houston Rodeo. Until next year!