Tomorrow is my birthday

So, tomorrow is my birthday and because of the condition of my house, my current condition (being preggers) and the fact that we have 2 small children, we don’t have any plans. I’m not saying that because it is sad. Although, it is a little sad. But, more because I’ve always been one to make a big deal out of birthdays. I was taught that birthdays were important by my parents and I’ve kept the same tradition going with our own children. I’m not talking about big extravagant parties or huge presents, but just creating a day that is special and memorable.

So, it’s my birthday tomorrow and I guess I’ll let Moustapha figure out what it is we’re going to do. My boys definitely want to celebrate…and so do I. It’s just a little more complicated than last year’s 30th birthday bash. And I am so darn tired and tired of my house being in the condition its in. I normally love to eat out, but after being without a kitchen for 6 months, I am kind of over the whole eating out thing. 🙂

Well, I may not keep up the pace of 2 blogs in a day, but I’ll try!

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